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Menu design with Boilsoft DVD Creator, DVD Burner, DVD Menu Designer, DVD Converter.

Boilsoft DVD Creator -- Customize background image music

With Boilsoft DVD Creator you could design the DVD menu exactly the way you wanted.

  • Customize background image.
  • Choose your favorite music as the background music.
  • Choose from our ready templates.

Design your own DVD menu :

1. Customize your DVD menu.

* Text can be added, deleted as you like.
* Customize your dvd menu background with button . Choose any image you like to be the background image of the menu. You can use your own image,photo etc.. You also could use the ready templates in the right collum.

* After finishing your design, preview the menu with button .
To stop the preview, just press the stop button.

* Reset the background image with button .


* Several theme templates including birthday theme, holiday theme, etc. have been prepared for your common use. But the background image and music all can be fully customized.

* The preview image of the video can be changed in Step1's edit panel.

* The frame can be dragged to the place you want.

2. Configure the background audio of the menu:

* You can choose your favorite music as the background audio with button .
* You can play the audio file with button .

* Also you can configure the duration of the background music.

We have two options for you: