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What's New In DVD Ripper

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Update! DVD Ripper 2.88.



Update! DVD Ripper 2.83.


  DVD Ripper 2.82 Released!
  • Fixed -- wmv setting issue.
  • Fixed -- failed to convert dvd movie to wmv format if the preview mode opened.


  DVD Ripper 2.81 Released!
  • Fixed -- failed to convert dvd movie to wmv format on computer installed new windows media format library.


  DVD Ripper 2.68 Released!
  • Fixed -- freeze up on converting some dvd movie to wmv format.
  • Fixed -- freeze up on previewing some dvd movie


  DVD Ripper 2.61 Released!
  • Improved the mpeg2 decoder.
  • Fixed the audio issue that convert to wmv format, and the dvd audio is dts.
  • Fixed the audio sampling mistake, 3200HZ to 32000HZ.
  • the output folder can be auto make by your dvd disc name.
  • Add more frame rate values to iPod Setting.
  • Check the output file can be wrote before ripping.
  • Other some minor bugs fixed.


  DVD Ripper 2.36 Released!
  • Improved the preview mode. now seeking dvd movie is faster and stable than before, and fixed the issue of preview DTS audio track.
  • Fixed one issue of the slide bar.


  DVD Ripper 2.08 Released!
  • Supports switch audio track in all states when previewing.
  • Fixed one bug which cause crash when switch audio track before playing.


  DVD Ripper 2.01 Released!
  • Rip DVD to iPod Video MP4 format.
  • Rip DVD to PSP Video MP4 format.
  • some minor bugs fixed.


  DVD Ripper 1.21 Released!
  • Add chapters selection feature, with it, you can rip each or range of chapters into an individual file
  • some minor bugs fixed.


  DVD Ripper 1.01 Released!
  • rip DVD to avi -- xvid + mp3, xvid + ac3
  • rip DVD to vcd, svcd and dvd, NTSC and PAL supported
  • rip DVD to WMV, supported wmv 9 video codec and audio codec
  • extract raw vob file
  • allows you to select target subtitle and audio track.
  • Support preview
  • Remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region...)