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What'  New In Boilsoft RM Converter

Boilsoft RM Converter is the fastest tool lets you Convert RM to DVD, RM to VCD, RM to AVI, RM to MPEG, RM to WMV, RM to ASF

RM Converter v4.28 Released!

  • fixed -- no audio when upgrade real player to v11
  • fixed -- the video and audio out of sync issue

RM Converter v4.12 Released!

  • fixed -- convert a few of rm/rmvb files the video and audio is not sync issue.

RM Converter v4.06 Released!

  • Regressions fixed: crashed on convert rm files when the width of source video frame is equal to width of output video frame, but height is not equal, or the height is equal but width is not equal.
  • fixed one bug on wmv audio format issue.

RM Converter v4.01 Released!

  • Supports convert rm, rmvb to Apple iPod MP4 Video
  • Supports convert rm, rmvb to Sony PSP MP4 Video
  • Supports convert rm, rmvb to MP4 format(.mp4)
  • Supports convert rm, rmvb to 3GP format.
  • Built-in AVI encoder, It will stable than before.

RM Converter v3.25 Released!

  • Regressions fixed: failed to convert vcd/svcd/dvd format using boilsoft realmedia decode engine.
  • Fixed one bug, rm converter freeze up on a few of rmvb files have the damaged audio strem.

RM Converter v3.24 Released!

  • Fixed one bug, if one .rmvb file has some invalid audio frames, this make rm converter crash when convert to DVD Format.

RM Converter v3.21 Released!

  • Support RM to Windows Media Files(.wmv, .asf)

RM Converter v3.15 Released!

  • Drag and Drop support now, You can drag rm/rmvb files from Windows Explorer then Drop to RM Converter.
  • Support Add multiple files now, not need to add one by one.
  • Multiple selection has been supported in file list of RM Converter, You can apply one setting to more files at one time.

RM Converter v3.11 Released!

  • Support Real Media 10 format.
  • The default avi video codec, audio codec and etc can be configured at 'options' dialog
  • The audio delay value can be adjusted if the output file is out of sync using the boilsoft realmedia decode Engine.

RM Converter v3.03 Released!

  • Fixed the bug, this bug makes our converter freeze up on encoding some .rmvb files.
  • Fixed the video and audio out of sync issue.
  • Highly quality mpeg encode engine has been included

RM Converter v2.21 Released!

  • Improved the RM to DVD, RM to VCD Engine, this version should be stable than before.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

RM Converter v2.01 Released!

  • Now Support Convert RM to DVD, RM to VCD, RM to SVCD
  • Support Convert RM to MPEG1, RM to MPEG2
  • The RealMedia Plugin Decode Engine has been included.
  • Batch convert.

RM Converter v1.01 Released.

  • First public Release, support RM to AVI, include DivX, Xvid