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Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Open Source Video
  2. Set Start Point and End Point
  3. Start Splitting


Step 1. Open Source Video

At present the splitter is merely able to split one file at a time.


Press Open on the screen menu bar, and then select File option on the DropDownList to add the video file from a folder. After choosing the video you want to split, just press OK to complete the addition. Alternatively, you can directly drag the one you will split to the Video Joiner. It can split normal video files that can not be played on Mac OS X.



Step 2. Set Start Time and End Time

Press to play the video. If want to stop playing it, just press


After playing it, press to set the Start Time and the End Time. Then the clip will be displayed on the list and also be removed by pressing .


As this splitter can split an unlimited number of segments at a time, you can repeat as many times as you want.

Optional: If want to minimally adjust the time setting, you can use to move 200 msec backward and to move 200 msec forward. For instance, if you set Start Time at 00:00:19:341, select the relevant pointer on the progress bar, and then press to make it 00:00:18:141 or press 00:00:18:541.


Do you want to further edit it?


Now you can use to if want to further edit the clip , and a window like this will be displayed:


You can input start time and end time in the digital style.


The buttons on this window are equal to their counterparts on the main interface.


If all is done, just press OK


Step 3. Start Splitting

Press Start Button , and a window will be shown:



Now you customized the name, the format, and the destination of the output file.Press Save to start


When the splitting process is finished, a window like this will come out:



Now you can open the destination folder to gain the clip or close the window