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Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Open Source Video
  2. Set Start Point and End Point
  3. Start Splitting
  4. Split to equal parts or equal time
  5. Trim Mode

Step 1. Open Source Video

Click the purple Click to Upload button to choose your video file. Alternatively , you can directly drag&drop the video file to the Video Splitter.

Step 2. Set Start Time and End Time

Click to play the video. When you want to set the start point, click and then click to set start point and to set end point.

Or you can click below red area to set start and end point. The icon in the green square only indicates current selected point, click or to mark it as start point or end point.

Optional : If want to minimally adjust the time setting, you can click below icons to adjust:

move one frame backward

move one frame forward

move one keyframe backward

move one keyframe forward

rewind 30 seconds

fast forward 30 seconds

rewind 2 minutes

fast forward 2 minutes

As this splitter can split an unlimited number of segments at a time, you can repeat as many times as you want. The segments will be marked with different color and listed on the right side. Click to preview current segment. Click to delete current segment or to delete all segments. Click to add tag to current segment. For example, the third segment is abhout how to make ice-cream, so I add an "ice-cream" tag.

Step 3. Start Splitting

If you have finished all segments, click to get them as separate video segments. Click to capture a snapshot of current frame.

Split to equal segments

Click to split the video to several equal segments

Split to multiple 3-minute segments:

Trim Mode

Different from Cut Mode, Trim Mode allows you to trim the selected segment and preserve the left part. Select TRIM MODE on the top right corner and then select the segment that you want to trim. Then click and you will get the video without the selected segment.