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What's new in Screen Recorder 





Update! Boilsoft Screen Recorder v1.05

  • Fixed: After expiration of trial period, the relevant prompt message sent by Screen Recorder is wrong.
  • Help includes the content of the Screen Recorder FAQ on our website.





Update! Boilsoft Screen Recorder v1.03

  • The following bug is fixed: After selecting one option of the dropdown list of audio device, the dropdown list of the source will be generated accordingly. However, if you continue to do so, the options of the list of the source will be duplicated.
  • The following bug is fixed: When recording cursor in some computers with Windows OS, the double click of the mouse on the window region can not be realized.





New Release! Boilsoft Screen Recorder v1.01

  • Capture and record video from full screen, windows, region or a fixed region.
  • Video Codec, Bitrate, Audio Codec or Audio format the recorded video will contain can be full customized as you like.
  • Output to AVI file. You can choose the video compressor, and its compression quality. Supports DivX, XviD.
  • Previewing the record video is supported.
  • Supports recording to WMV file, all the video setting and audio setting can be configured.
  • Support recording mouse cursor on screen.
  • Support recording audio from any sources including the microphone, line-in, or speakers.
  • Fast real-time audio/video compression.
  • Good audio/video synchronization.
  • Support customizing video file names.
  • Supports Hot Keys, you can either use the default setting and define the hot keys as you like. With these hot keys, you can effortlessly start, pause or stop recording by using the related hot keys.