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5 Options to upload Music to Spotify in 2019

Spotify has nearly 200 million users in more than 50 countries. It is one of the most popular music services in the world. It has a huge music library, so it is a hugely important platform for discovering and streaming new music. If you want to share music with more listeners, or you are an independent artist, Spotify is the best choice for you to upload your music. The people who are using Spotify are usually there to discover new and fantastic music, which means your outreach could improve tremendously if you add your music to Spotify. However, Spotify has no upload option available to the common user. In order to upload music to Spotify, you have to use some third party softwares or platforms. These softwares or platforms can help you upload your music to Spotify easily. Here we will list some useful tools to help you upload your music to Spotify easily.

1. TuneCore https://www.tunecore.co.uk/sell-your-music-on-spotify

To release your songs on Spotify by using TuneCore, you should pay 9.99USD for a signal release or 29.99 USD for 2 or more songs.

It will do more than just upload your music to Spotify. It also add your music on other services like iTunes, Deezer, and Google Play without taking any of the money you've earned.

Here are some awesome features of TuneCore:

• Get your music playing in over 150 digital stores and streaming services across 100+ countries worldwide.
• Keep 100% of the money owed to you from any services.
• You will receive monthly sales reports. Find out exactly where fans are downloading and streaming your music.

2. Ditto https://www.dittomusic.com/sell-your-music/spotify

Ditto is another multi-purpose platform that will do more than just post your music to Spotify.

Below is a quick breakdown of the yearly price options:

Here are some awesome features of Ditto:

• Official Spotify Partner
• Keep 100% Royalties
• Track your sales and trending data
• Get your music playlisted

3 RecordUnion https://www.recordunion.com/digital-distribution/spotify.html

RecordUnion is another platform that get you music on Spotify , iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and more.

Before you get started, you also need to select a plan as following.

Here are some awesome features of RecordUnion:

• Within 3-7m days your music is available.
• Track your music and learn more about your fans.
• Create artist opportunities that boost your career in music.

4 LANDR: https://www.landr.com/en/

Get your tracks on Spotify and all streaming services at once. Starting at $1/month, then you can choose a plan for you:

Here are some awesome features of LANDR:

• LANDR audio mastering gives you the power of artificial intelligence and data from over 10 million mastered tracks—professional sound that fits the future of music production.
• Keep 100% of your rights and royalties.
• Get feedback from fans and peers in LANDR community.

5 RouteNote https://routenote.com/

RouteNote offers you a simple, professional and totally FREE way to get your music onto the world’s leading download and streaming platforms. But free users can only receive 85% of the revenue. Premium users receive 100% of collected revenue. For Premium service, you should pay 30USD the first year, then you just need to pay 9.99USD every year from the second year.

Here are some awesome features of RouteNote:

• Upload your files in a lossless format, perfect for high quality streaming platforms.
• Upload your music and get it online within days.
• Receive reports and statistics every month

Now, you can pick the right one to upload your music so that you can spread your music worldwide.

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